The Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan hosted another qualifying round game of the intellectual tournament “What? Where? When? ”, in which the teams of the capital's school-gymnasium No. 26 and schools-lyceums No. 60 and No. 92 took part. Classmates and teachers came to support the guys.

Competing in knowledge of the history of Kazakhstan, logic and eloquence, young intellectuals showed solidarity, team spirit and the will to win.

In the course of a hot struggle, the participant of the next stage was determined - the team "Zhas Ulan" ShL No. 60.

In the April game, teams from school-lyceum No. 37 named after Syrbay Maulenov, school-lyceum No. 71 and school-gymnasium No. 68 named after Mirzhakyp Dulatuly were presented.

The best result was shown by the team of ShG No. 68 “Oyan, kazak, oylan, kazak!”.

Qualifying games will continue after the summer holidays.