Research activities


     The research activity of the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy is aimed at continuous improvement scientifically methodology. It’s requirement for covering events of modern history, as well as planning, organizing and conducting scientific research for history of formation and development of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Further purpose is organizing and conducting research and source studies; scientific and educational activities, methodological and consulting work popularization and promotion of the results of research activities of the Library of the Elbasy, applied research on museology.

     The specialization of each researcher plays an important role in research work. The scientific research is conducting on following issues: the constitutional construction of independent Kazakhstan, the social policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the creation and development of the capital city of independent Kazakhstan. As well as the study of Kazakhstan's experience of interfaith and interethnic harmony, strengthening the strategy of the multi-vector policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and its foreign policy authority.

     The research and source work is aimed at collecting and systematizing information on the most important events of the sovereign Kazakhstan history and about the famous figures that made a significant contribute to the formation of statehood. New facts, historical materials are introducing into scientific circulation during scientific research expeditions, trips to archives, libraries of the country.

     Applied scientific research in the field of museology and archival studies contributes to further study and popularization of the museum objects and archival collection of the Elbasy Library.

     Researches for the museum communication combines museology, scientific and pedagogical research and is carrying out in the field of public opinion research on the implementation of the Scientific and Educational Program of the Library of the Elbasy. In this direction, the development and implementation of a visitor monitoring system, the processing of sociological questionnaires, the analysis of educational activities, and the preparation of semi-annual and annual reports on the results of monitoring are conducting. Based on the results of sociological surveys and their analysis, recommendations on improving scientific and educational activities are being developed.

     Scientific programs implemented since 2007 have become one of forms of strategic planning of the main directions in scientific research.

     Research projects are oriented on broad cooperation with lead domestic and foreign scientists, researchers, academics, scientific organizations. According to the results of research, various types of scientific papers (collective monographs, collections of articles, books of materials and documents, albums, brochures, information and reference publications, scientific reference materials, etc.) have been prepared for publication by researchers. 

     The archival documents and exhibits concentrated in the funds of the Library of Elbasy contain materials of unique significance and are objects of study and scientific research. In this direction, much attention is paid to the identification, study and using materials from the Personal Archive, the Personal Library of Elbasy, and the museum stock. The introduction of this complex of sources into scientific circulation creates conditions for further fundamental research on topical socio-political themes.

     The main kind of formation of the source base of research is scientific trips and expeditions.

      A number of major scientific conferences and round tables, which has become a significant event, evidence the effectiveness of research activities in the Elbasy Library.