Scientific and educational activities

Scientific and educational activities

   The Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy is carrying out scientific and educational activities through project activities aimed at introducing innovative methods to popularize the achievements of Kazakhstan's independence.

  The scientific and educational program consists of 4 projects on various aspects of history of the independent Kazakhstan formation, reflecting history and development of Kazakhstan statehood. This is important in the context of youth educating in the spirit of patriotism and civil identity, as well as strengthening the creative values in the younger generation.

  The features of scientific and educational work is in direct connection with the stock collection of the Elbasy Library: archival, library, museum.

   Since October 2015, the Elbasy Library has been successfully implementing a project for conducting two-day training seminars. The topics of the seminars are updating depending on the socio-political and program agenda. Therefore, in 2015, the seminar topic was the “National Plan: 100 concrete steps”. In 2017, the seminar topic was the “Mangilik El. Based on the Elbasy article, the seminar of 2018 was “Course towards the future: modernization of Kazakhstan’s identity”. In 2019, the seminar received the name: “Bolashakka zhol ozinnen bastalady” / “The path to the future starts with everyone”. Since 2022, the seminar title is a “New Kazakhstan: to the nation of creators”.

   The context of the training seminars are updating annually, keeping pace with the socio-political agenda. More than 10,000 students have participated in this project for today.

   Since 2020, due to the epidemiological situation in the country, two-day training seminar have transformed into two-day webinar, which is held online. The webinars pay attention not only to theoretical material, but also allow you to focus on the development of critical and project thinking, leadership skills, teach young people to work in a team, as well as consolidate lecture material by performing various exercises.

   The certified webinar has also introduced the practice of encouraging "For the most interesting project" and "For active participation". This has become an additional motivation for the course participants learning online.

    The listeners of the webinar leave many positive feedbacks. Here is one of them: “Having visited the webinar “Bolashakka zhol ozinnen bastalady”, I got a lot of experience and emotions, as well as new knowledge about Kazakh culture, its importance in the process of modernization and development of the country. Moreover, lectures and trainings conducted by the professors of the First President Library helped me to learn a lot about the life path of Elbasy. I am very grateful to the administration and professors of the Library for the opportunity available to all students to develop by taking part in such events”.

   Jointly with the Department of Education of Nur-Sultan city, the Library implemented a permanent Lectorium. The lectures, museum lessons, master classes, meetings, competitions are holding for students and teachers of the capital city.

     A special activity of the Library is working with disabilities children. Together with numerous partners, various charity events, annual holidays, art therapy sessions, seminars and master classes are carrying out for “special” children.

    Based on the Library Museum was opened the debate club “Akikat”. Traditionally, the debate club “Akikat” of Nur-Sultan city holds three main seasonal debate tournaments for the rolling cup of the Library of the First President: autumn, winter and spring.

   The result of successful cooperation between teachers of the capital city and the Museum staff was a long-term partnership project of the interschool inter-museum regatta, organized for students of educational institutions of the city of Nur-Sultan with a visit to school museums – “unexplored islands” - according to a special program. According to the terms of travel game, the Museum of the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan is an “archipelago” that combines “islands” - school museums that independently developed thematic game routes based on the materials of their expositions, prepared competitive tasks for crews.

   The staff of the Elbasy Library provides methodological assistance to history teachers of the capital and regions schools in scientific and educational activities, using the Library space potential. Methodological discussions of scientific and educational events are held.

   Coordination work on the integration of the Library into a single educational and educative space of Nur-Sultan city is carried out by the Council of Teachers, which unites specialists of educational and upbringing institutions.