The Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan hosted a meeting of the youth discussion club LIBRARY PRACTICE titled "Fair Kazakhstan – for everyone. Now and forever. Implementation issues in the context of modern challenges". 

Library volunteers from among students of Kazakhstani universities took part in the event dedicated to explaining the election program of the President of Kazakhstan K.K.Tokayev to young people. 

"On November 20 this year, early presidential elections were held in Kazakhstan, where Kassym-Jomart Tokayev gained a confident victory thanks to the support and trust of the people. It should be noted that the election program of the Head of State is based on concrete steps for the large-scale development of the republic with a personal focus on each citizen. For you, future experts, and for all of us, citizens of Kazakhstan, it is very important not only to know the goals and objectives of our state but also to get involved in this process," said Deputy Director of the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Botagoz Kaipova. 

Having outlined the core directions of the election platform, the discussion of its conceptual aspects in the context of the prospects for implementation in the context of modern challenges, as well as topical issues of the political agenda took place. 

The participants of the event noted that the transition from the principle "for youth" to the principle "with youth" will intensify the self-organization of the new generation of Kazakhstan citizens. 

Special attention was paid to the introduction of a special youth quota in public councils under state bodies, further strengthening the volunteer movement in the country, as well as providing soft loans to young entrepreneurs at 2.5% per annum on a competitive basis. 

Thus, 5,800 youth entrepreneurship entities will be covered by preferential loans in 2023, and in 2025, this figure will reach 6,300. Considering that over the past five years, the share of young entrepreneurs from the total number of business entities has increased from 10% to 20%, such a measure is timely and relevant. 

Following the meeting, the participants of the discussion club expressed their readiness to take an active part in the implementation of the tasks outlined in the election program of the Head of State.