seminar-presentation «Information Resources of museum, archive and library institutions»

On December 1st, 2008 was a seminar-presentation «Information Resources of museum, archive and library institutions», in the limits of it was a presentation of Automated program for account of the museum fund «AS-Museum» and micrograph technology.
     The program was developed by «NAT Kazakhstan» company and successfully implemented in the activities of the Museum of the First President of Kazakhstan. For the first time in the republic «AS-Museum» on the basis of a comprehensive record keeping and storage documentation allows to form an electronic database of museum collections, archival and library facility. There was an exchange of views on topical issues and the development of information technology in museums, archives and libraries. The participants assessed the «AS-Museum» as the core software product, a resource base for the formation of a common information space in the cultural sphere.
     In the work of seminar-presentation took part Deputy Chief of Office of the President of Kazakhstan Temirbolat B.B., head of archives and records of the Ministry of Culture and Information of Kazakhstan Mukazhanova G.J., representatives of 19 museums, 14 archival, 10 library institutions from all regions of the republic, Astana and Almaty cities.