The presentation of such a valuable historical document was timed to coincide with the Independence Day of Kazakhstan. “This book is dedicated to my people, who have always supported me. To the people who are confidently moving into the future in their own Kazakh way!” the President wrote in the epigraph. The most important attention in the book is given to the characteristics of the stages of building a new Kazakhstan, the analysis of the internal logic and decision-making mechanisms in response to the most difficult internal and external challenges of the first decades of independence.

“With all confidence we can say that the President's book brought to your attention is an encyclopedia of our Independence. It covers all aspects of our life: from political and economic to spiritual modernization. All the main points of the three modernizations of our country are given in this book,” said Mukhtar Kul-Mukhammed, First Deputy of the Nur Otan Party, opening the presentation ceremony.

The book details the 33 main results achieved by Kazakhstan during the years of Independence.This is the construction of a modern strong state; international legal registration of state borders; a unique model of interethnic and interfaith harmony; closure of the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site; formation of a market economy from scratch; own currency - tenge; construction of a new capital - Astana; creation of modern Armed Forces; large-scale innovative industrialization; social modernization; chairmanship in the OSCE and other authoritative international organizations; ahead of schedule implemented the Strategy "Kazakhstan-2030" and the Strategy for the development of the country until 2050; Five institutional reforms; hosting the International Exhibition EXPO-2017 and many other key achievements of the country, which the people of Kazakhstan are rightly proud of.

The book clearly reflects the essence of the Kazakh model of development, its evolution, basic principles, mechanisms and driving forces. Consideration of the three waves of Kazakhstan's modernization occupies a large place. Thanks to the First and Second Modernizations, the tasks of dismantling the totalitarian system and building a market economy, early entry into the top 50 most competitive countries in the world, were successfully solved. The third modernization is aimed at a comprehensive renewal of the country and its advancement among the thirty most developed countries in the world in the new global reality.