The Academic Council under the chair of the Chairman of the Academic Council - Director of the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy, Doctor of Political Sciences, and Professor Amerkhan Rakhimzhanov held a regular meeting.

Opening the meeting, Amerkhan Muratpekovich voiced the issues on the agenda.

Deputy directors of the Library of Elbasy K. Aktayeva and B. Kaipova, leading researcher A. Ospanova, researchers G. Atabayeva, K. Ozenbayeva made presentations.

After discussion and suggestions by the members of the Academic Council, the catalogue "Signs of High Vocation" was recommended for publication. This is the third, supplemented, illustrated catalog, which presents information about the collection of N.A. Nazarbayev's public awards, which are in stock storage in the Library of Elbasy. The reference and information publication consists of four parts: public awards of the Republic of Kazakhstan, public awards of the USSR, public awards of foreign states, titles of "Honorary Citizen of the city (region)".

Among the publications recommended by the Academic Council of the Library of Elbasy is also a collection of the international conference "Nursultan Nazarbayev: leadership strategy"; reference and information publication "Guide to the funds of the Personal Archive of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy". Part 3.1. In addition, the album "Creative ideas of Elbasy N.A. Nazarbayev in the formation of a competitive nation", prepared within the framework of the scientific program "The First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev: strategy of public administration and the phenomenon of leadership" of the scientific project "Modern Kazakhstan".  As well as the album "Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan: unity and solidarity – the unshakable foundations of our country", developed as part of the scientific project "The First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy and the new Kazakhstan patriotism as the basis of interethnic and interfaith interaction"; "Collection of museum lessons. 2018-2019 academic year".