In the run-up to the national holiday - the Independence Day, the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbassy held a solemn meeting.

First Deputy Director of the Library of Elbassy Amerkhan Rakhimzhanov has addressed the employees with a congratulatory speech.

- On 16 December, 1991 - the day when the law "On state independence of Kazakhstan" was signed, on the political map of the world a new independent state appeared. The most accurate definition of this day gave Elbassy in his book "Era of independence". He wrote: "I believe that 16 December - the Independence Day should not only be an officially approved holiday date. This day carries a much greater meaning. It became a point and at the same time a new beginning in our struggle for our independence. Today, every citizen of Kazakhstan can celebrate it as a day of his personal independence and success."

We are happy people. Because we have the main value of any state – independence. Let me remind you that until now, even today in the 21st century, among 253 countries in the world, only 195 are sovereign countries.

...This value is  the secure foundation of all the achievements that the country and the entire people are proud of today. Moreover, our aspirations, the work of the Library staff of the First President are aimed at bringing the understanding of this axiom to all spheres of Kazakhstan's society, – he said and congratulated colleagues on the upcoming holiday, wishing peace, prosperity and well-being.

In a solemn ceremony, a number of employees were awarded with letters of thanks from the administration of the Library of Elbassy. In honor of a big holiday during the action patriotic songs to the accompaniment of a symbol of national musical culture – dobras were heard.