The new book of the President of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev «Эра независимости» (The era of independence) experts called a unique historical document. It’s written in the genre of historical publicism, and therefore allows to understand the essence of many political decisions of the Head of State.

The book describes the stages of building a new Kazakhstan, the analysis of the underlying logic and the decision-making mechanisms in response to the hardest internal and external challenges in the first decades of the Independence.

The book reflects the essence of the Kazakhstan’s development model: its evolution, basic principles, mechanisms and prime movers. Besides, much attention is paid to three waves of the modernization of Kazakhstan.

– This work will become very popular due to two factors – this is a fundamental inherent to Elbassy-publicist, and at the same time, simplicity of presentation, which can be achieved only on the condition that the author missed through himself all events and decisions of that time, – noted the deputy of the Senate of the Parliament of the RK Bakytzhan Zhumagulov.

According to the famous Kazakhstan’s literary critic, doctor of philology Seit Kaskabasov, this book is valuable because it was written by the participant and the direct creator of global historical changes – the First President of Kazakhstan. For young people, it will become a real book on the newest history of our country.

– In my opinion, this book is an actual history of independence. It covers all aspects of our lives for just over 26 years. Elbassy in detail described the way of the formation of Kazakhstan's sovereignty, rather the way of the formation of a new state on a new round of human development. Because this publicistic work is an analysis not only of political transformations, but also of economic, social, cultural, spiritual, – said the scientist.

The rector of the Eurasian National University named after L.N. Gumilyov Yerlan Sydykov noted that this book is the life story of everyone who lives on their land. Conceptual fundamental work is a mirror of the Kazakhstan’s way of independence.

– In it reflects the leading qualities of the people of Kazakhstan, with which the President is so proud: courage and prudence, fidelity and insistence, skill and diligence, kindness and patience, pride, steadfastness. It’s all those components that allowed us 26 years ago to gain freedom and independence. «Эра независимости» (The era of independence) – is a chronicle of our history, written from the first person, written by the author of the Kazakhstan’s development model, – emphasized Erlan Sydykov.

Presented in the new work of the Head of State careful analysis and assessment of the country's further development, it’s not just a summarizing, but a detailed analysis of the passed way and most importantly a vision of the future.