World War II exhibition at the FDR Presidential Library

On May 28-29, 2022, the lawn in front of the FDR Presidential Library will take on the appearance of a World War II encampment with WWII Military Displays.

Period military vehicles of all sizes and soldiers in battle dress will be on hand to share their love of World War II history.



The John F. Kennedy Library Foundation announced the 2022 Courage Essay Contest winner

The John F. Kennedy Library Foundation today announced that Theodora McGee, a first-year student at Moorestown High School in Moorestown, New Jersey, has won the national John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Essay Contest for High School Students. The winning essay describes the political courage of former State Representative José Tomás Canales who in 1919 introduced legislation to reform the Texas Rangers, a law enforcement agency whose members had committed widespread racial violence against Mexican-American residents of southern Texas. McGee describes how Canales’ actions successfully brought attention to abuses by the Rangers – but at a cost to his future in politics. She writes, “While Canales' fight to reform the Texas Rangers helped reduce violence against Mexicans, it spelled the end to his political career.”

The essay contest is sponsored by the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation and supported by John Hancock. McGee will receive a $10,000 scholarship award for her accomplishment from the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation.



“Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel” exhibition at the the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum

The Exhibition showcases one of mankind’s greatest artistic achievements, while allowing its visitors to experience this art from an Up-Close, Life-Sized, and Never-Before-Seen perspective.

With special expertise and care, the ceiling paintings from the Sistine Chapel have been reproduced in a truly unique way using licensed high definition photos. Brought to life using a special printing technique that emulates the look and feel of the original paintings, visitors are given a chance to engage with the artwork in ways that were never before possible: seeing every detail, every brushstroke, and every color of the artist’s frescoes.


This globally successful exhibition is an innovative and unique interpretation of Michelangelo’s timeless masterpiece.



The Extraordinary Life of Jimmy Carter

On May 31, Jimmy Carter Library hold an online program dedicated to the extraordinary life of Jimmy Carter. Throughout his life, Jimmy Carter has found himself in extraordinary circumstances faced with extraordinary opportunities. This online program will examine Carter's life and civic engagement before, during and after the presidency through the lens of primary sources of the Carter Library and National Archives to address the question, “What is the secret to an extraordinary life?” Topics to be discussed include early life, military career, political career and post-presidency humanitarian work.



“Egyptian Creations by Moawad and Badr” Exhibition

The Bibliotheca Alexandrina opened the exhibition “Egyptian Creations by Moawad and Badr” on 11 May 2022.

The exhibition combines the pictorial creations of Artist Abdel Moneim Mouawad with the sculptural artworks of Artist Saeed Badr.



Visit of Kazakhstan President Kasım Jomart Tokayev to the Nation's Library of Turkey

The President of Kazakhstan, Mr. Kasım Jomart Tokayev, who made his first official visit to Turkey as the President, visited the Nation's Library of Turkey, accompanied by Vice President Mr. Fuat Oktay, after the Kazakhstan-Turkey Business World Representatives Meeting.  

After entering the Library, the visitors watched the film of the Nation's Library of Turkey. Afterwards, Tokayev and the guests visited the "Think Transform and Sustain" Exhibition, and examined the projects that were imagined by children from seven regions of Turkey. He said that they will ensure the continuity of cultural cooperation.