Exhibition: “Cold war: Soviets, Spies, and Secrets” at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum

“Cold war: Soviets, Spies, and Secrets” is an all-new interactive special exhibit opened on July 4, 2022 at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum.

This interactive exhibit experience takes visitors behind the Iron Curtain to:

·        Enter service as a secret agent by attending a briefing in the White House Cabinet Ro om at the onset of the nuclear arms race

·        Walk into post-war East Berlin by passing through the Checkpoint Charlie guard station

·        Feel the apprehension of the nuclear era as you climb into a fallout shelter, stocked full of food and supplies for a nuclear winter

·        Operate a ballistic missile submarine and simulate a nuclear launch

Artifacts featured in the exhibit and compiled together for the first time include a decommissioned nuclear bomb, scientific testing mannequins from the 1950s used at a nuclear test site, real tools used by KGB and CIA agents while deployed undercover. These rare artifacts are on loan from the CIA Museum, International Spy Museum, National Atomic Testing Museum, Wende Museum, and other institutions across the country.



George Bush Presidential Library and Museum hosted "Mandela: The Official Exhibition"

Mandela: The Official Exhibition" is the major new global exhibition that explores the life of one of the world’s most famous freedom fighters and political leaders. The epic story of Nelson Mandela is told in a series of experiential galleries from his rural childhood home through years of turbulent struggle against the apartheid regime, to his eventual vindication and final years as South Africa’s first democratically elected president.

Visitors will learn about why he is still such an important figure, as the exhibit explores his fight for racial equality, his uncanny ability to forgive, and his tireless work to unify South Africa. The heavy cost of his defiance – the 27 years he spent in prison and the loss of family and liberty - would profoundly affect him for the rest of his life. Mandela’s values and commitment to making the world a better place are just as vital now as they were during his lifetime.



The Bibliotheca Alexandrina launched its annual book fair

The Bibliotheca Alexandrina launched its annual Book Fair on 18 July, which continued until 28 July 2022. Book Fair was held in cooperation with the Egyptian General Book Authority and the Egyptian and Arab Publishers Associations.

The Book Fair was held under the slogan: "Awareness and Building the Human Being". This year, the fair includes 75 cultural events, with the participation of more than 300 speakers and lecturers.



"History of Turkish Music" Exhibition at the Nation's Library of Turkey

"History of the Turkish Music" Exhibition was opened in the Seljuk Museum and Exhibition Hall of the Nation's Library, in the presence of the President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.  

In the Sound and Word "History of the Turkish Music" Exhibition, displays many manuscript music books, old original notes, instruments from centuries ago, personal belongings of well-known masters of the past, instruments of famous composers. 



Opening of the exhibition "The Holocaust through the eyes of an artist" at the Presidential Library of the Republic of Belarus

On July 1, at the Presidential Library of the Republic of Belarus, the opening of the exhibition "The Holocaust through the Eyes of an Artist" took place. The events of the terrible war are drifting away from us, but time cannot erase all the pain of the tragedy. The monstrous crimes of the Nazis against the Jewish people are reflected in the exposition.

In 1999, the former prisoner of the Minsk ghetto, Frida Reizman, and the Minsk public association "GILF" organized an exhibition "The Holocaust through the eyes of an artist" for beginner artists. Exhibition consists of 27 paintings, painted in oil, watercolor and pencil. Through the emotions and vision of young artists, the exhibition helps to better understand the horror of those events that should never happen again.

The exhibition "The Holocaust through the Eyes of an Artist" is available until July 31, 2022.



Days of Vagif Poetry in Shusha

On July 14, Shusha, the cultural capital of Azerbaijan, hosted Vagif Poetry Days, organized by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, the Ministry of Culture and the Writers' Union of Azerbaijan.

Vagif's Poetry Days, which have a forty-year history, were held in Shusha for the second time after the liberation of the city from occupation. The first event within the framework of the Days of Poetry, organized by cultural and art workers, the Writers' Union of Azerbaijan, young writers, veterans, was a book exhibition in front of the Karabakh hotel.

The exhibition featured books by more than 100 poets and prose writers. Presentation of books by small writers took place at the book fair. In the afternoon, the official opening of the event and the presentation of the concert performance took place.