The edition of the «Book Collections of the Elbassy library» project is dedicated to the photoalbum about the Nazarbayev Center, prepared by the Foundation and the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbassy.

Nazarbayev Center is one of the brightest adornments of the architectural appearance of the young capital. The project of the building belongs to the famous British architect Norman Foster, whose unusual creative solution admires the guests and residents of the capital. In addition, the deep philosophical basis of the project makes the building even more attractive.

The building of the Nazarbayev center is a huge eye looking to the sky. According to the architect's plan, the external appearance of the building symbolizes the life force and ambition of modern Kazakhstan to the heights.

The crossing of the east and west, past and future, tradition and modernity is felt in the building. It seemed to have materialized from the futuristic dreams of utopians who paint the «city of the Sun».

The photo album consists from 5 sections reflecting the activities of the Foundation and the Library of Elbassy, as well as the unique exterior and interior view of the building.

Bright and colorful photos are immersed in the atmosphere of a unique multifunctional complex, in which are carried out scientific-research, analytical, educational and cultural activities aimed to popularizing the strategic ideas of the First President of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev.