On October 31, the Analytical Center of the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Elbasy, together with the Kazakhstani Center for Chinese Studies, will organize the second of a series of expert seminars "Modern China: Questions and Answers" in Astana.

Within the framework of the seminar, a detailed report will be made by the Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to Kazakhstan, Mr. Zhang Hanhui, in which he will talk about the main results of the most important event for China - the 19th National Congress of the CPC.

The Congress, held on October 18-24 in Beijing, attracted great attention from all over the world. The Politburo of the CPC Central Committee, even before it began, emphasized that it would be "an exceptional meeting that will be held at a decisive period in the all-round construction of a moderately prosperous society and a key period in the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics."

Currently, there are heated discussions all over the world and a variety of assessments are given of the results of this event, significant for the second economy of the world. Everyone is interested in the results and work plans of the CPC, its new historical mission, how it will affect the development of the PRC, the modernization of the Chinese economy, and what effect the congress will have on the system of political administration in this country.

For a deeper understanding of the processes in the neighboring country, with which relations are developing dynamically, we suggest listening to and analyzing the official statement and asking the high Chinese representative any questions you may have.
Event start: 10:00 am, Beijing Palace Hotel, Silk way hall (2nd floor).

At the end of the event, lunch for all participants: 12.00 noon, Beijing Palace Hotel, Great Wall Hall (3rd floor).